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Ootacamund or Ooty is a major tourist destination in India. The country has always been known in India as the “Queen of Hills Stations”. It is characterized by natural beauty and lush forests. Ooty is a great place to relax in a healthy climate with the Nilgiri Mountains and many other attractions as a backdrop. Everyone, regardless of age, should make the most of this place. You can book taxi services from Mysore to Ooty for a pleasing experience.

On a long weekend in October, with my two daughters and wife, we planned a trip from Bangalore to Mysore for the Dussehra festival. I had seven casual leaves that would lapse by the end of the year if I hadn’t opted now. Initially, I thought about traveling in my own car, but then cautiously thought later that driving by myself could be a hectic job, traveling along with an overnight trip. My wife also had her views with me to travel to some closer places from Mysore within a range of 150 km. So, I decided to look for places that lead to Tamil Nadu from Mysore since my two little daughters loved animals as we had taken them to Bannerghatta Biological Park earlier. We thought of connecting with a taxi agent for a taxi from Mysore to Ooty for a comfortable, enjoyable, and relaxing journey. They offer cab services in Mysore to travel every corner of the other regions, such as the Mysore to Bangalore cab, Bangalore to Mysore taxi, and Ooty honeymoon packages from Mysore, Wayanad, and hills stations in South India.

I would like to share with you some of our mesmerizing experiences, which we had during the Mysore to Ooty journey.

We booked a Mysore to Ooty cab package, luckily, we got a taxi driver who did more than his duty guiding us and explaining more about the places. He could even speak Hindi and other languages.

Just after 20 minutes of travel, we came across one of the mesmerizing places of Mysore, which is the Chamundi Hills and the Lakes. The weather was absolutely cool and nice, with a slight drizzle. Honestly, the Mysore-Ooty Highway is one of the best places to travel if you want to get some peace of mind from Tier-1 cities like Bengaluru and Chennai for a while after having a heavy workload in IT companies. You will love the green, cool weather, and great wildlife watching opportunities, which are absolutely relaxing and rejuvenating while taking a taxi from Mysore to Ooty.

Day 1

1. Bandipur Forest

Our first stop was at Bandipur Forest. We had reached there early afternoon around 1 pm. Our cab driver suggested us to book the tickets and go for lunch in the forest canteen. We followed the same, and post-lunch we boarded in a Gypsy vehicle at 3 pm, which was scheduled for an evening safari (Morning safari at 6:30 am). During the journey, we spotted the herd of elephants, red jungle fowl, different species of monkeys, wild mongoose, deer, wild boars, colourful birds, and luckily a leopard from faraway range, people with binoculars seemed to be had a lovely view. So, if you have one of them, never miss to carry up with you when you visit such places.  The tour lasted around 2 hours and 15 minutes. A must place to visit for kids and children, and without booking the Mysore to Ooty cab services, I feel it would be considerably tough to manage all the places. So, always try to book a cab so that you can enjoy your travel with your family.

Day 2

2. Mudumalai Forest

After a full-day stay at the Manisagudi resort, which is a destination for wildlife lovers, we went to the Mudumalai National Park. Mudumalai is a place where the tourism department offers many safaris such as road safaris, jungle trips, and elephant rides. We chose the elephant safari since my two kids wanted to experience a ride with a giant animal. 

We also strolled across with a guide for bird watching who explained many of the wonders about colorful birds and migratory birds at certain times of the year.

As we are not aware of the harsh sun in Mudumalai, travelers must bring sun caps, sunglasses, sun lotion, and umbrellas, as the climate changes much faster as time progress.

It was a more enjoyable experience. But, in my understanding, either choose one of the reserves, Bandipur or Mudumalai. In comparison, both are the best in their own way. If you like bird watching, choose Mudumalai. We opted both because we wanted to explore them and one of my colleagues suggested that bird sightseeing is the best in Mudumalai.  These places could not have been covered within two days if we had not booked Mysore to Ooty cab package.

The Mudumalai Tiger Reserve has 266 bird species, including Bengal tiger, elephants, leopards, critically endangered Indian vultures, and more. 

Soon after our elephant safari, we left on a 2-hour journey to Nilgiri to arrive at our hotel.


3. Nilgiri Forest

The stay at Nilgiri was the best of these three days as it was bestowed with the bounteous beauty of nature with the rustling sound of the trees. The best place to stay for honeymooners, trekkers, and nature lovers. You can book Ooty honeymoon packages from Mysore with the best cab service provider, “Mysore travel taxi,” who is offering the packages at the best market prices. 

Our day started with Lake Pykara and the waterfall. We got there around 9 am and had breakfast nearby. 

The ideal destination for boating with nature surrounding you with greeneries of pine trees. But my two daughters were not so keen on boarding the boat as we tried horse riding instead.

Post lunch, we visited the Murugan temple on Elk hill that is one of the main attractions near Lake Pykara. It is a 40m tall Murugan statue similar to the one found in Malaysia. On the way back, we entered the Chocolate Museum. We bought some creamy chocolates after crunching some of the waffles samples, and my daughters liked them. The different place visits in a single day could not have been much better if you had not booked taxi services from Mysore to Ooty. So, I suggest it is need of an hour when your family is with you. 

Later, we never had much time left to visit Cairn hill en-route. So, our cab driver recommended that we can either visit Cairn hill or Needle Rock Viewpoint. We chose needle rock, and it was the right time we reached the spot to have an exquisite eagle-view of nature and surroundings.

When traveling back to the hotel after the view and some photoshoots, we enquired the cab driver about Cairn hill, he said it is a reserved forest site that is good for bird watching and jeep safaris. So, after discussing with my wife, we thought of never going there since we had already taken up those activities in Bandipur and Mudumalai. 


4. Doddabetta, Ooty

We prepared for an early night’s sleep on the third night of our hotel stay as our taxi driver suggested that we will be visiting lots of places the next day. We all took a morning bath, and our first stop after tea was the Doddabetta Peak which is, according to reviews, a great place to visit both in the morning and in the evening.  We set foot on the peak around 7:00 am when the sun was slowly rising. “Plans don’t happen easily if you had not booked a Mysore to Ooty cab sightseeing facility. You couldn’t reach Doddabetta peak so early.”

People often have a say about this peak that staying in Ooty without visiting Doddabetta is like eating ice cream without ice. Moreover, it was a mesmerizing experience to get a glimpse of downtown and the beauty of Ooty and the Nilgiris Mountains. However, it is not recommended when conditions are foggy. So, analyze the climatic conditions of this place before getting there.

5. Botanical garden

From the Doddabetta viewpoint, before reaching the Ooty Botanical Garden, we had an excellent Tamilian breakfast, which was suggested by a taxi driver. After a good, tasty breakfast, we entered the Botanical Garden around 9 am. I thought to myself that booking a Mysore to Ooty cab package was a great success since the driver guided us well by taking us to the remarkable places at the appropriate time, as well as dropping us at a good restaurant.

It was the right time to get there as we were able to digest some of the idlis and vadas we had eaten, and it was a large garden to cover. 

We bought a map as a reference for a walk in the park. The garden had nice flowers with lovely green lawns, a well-kept garden with plenty of places to sit, relax, and enjoy.

It was around 11:15 am when we returned to the garden entrance, and my wife walked into the store after seeing the shopkeeper ordering to buy cookies. Surprisingly, it was tasty, crispy, and we bought it. Do try some of them, it’s called Ooty Varkey, one of the famous sweet cookies in Ooty.

Around 11:35 am, we got into our taxi, and then the driver took us straight to the Ooty tea museum and factory (a ten-minute drive), which is a must-see for tea lovers. I am one of them who love to have tea any number of times a day, but my wife was a coffee lover, and there was some chatter among us. Without taxi from Mysore to Ooty, it would have been quite complex to visit some of the places especially, the Tea Museum and factory, as there was a fewer number of buses to travel.

6. Dolphin’s Nose

In the tea museum, we had an opportunity to learn a lot about the different types of tea leaves that are used around the world and about the history of tea in India. At the tea factory, we experienced and learned about tea processing such as cut, twist, and curl (CTC). You can also drink tea and admire the beautiful surroundings. You can buy different types of tea powders and other essentials like teacups and plates. They are also popular in selling fruit and nuts, honey, coffee, and milk chocolates with sugar-free varieties.

It was 2 pm when all our activities were completed in the Ooty tea museum. The driver suggested a quick lunch, and the South Indian meal was ready in the restaurant.  

In my experience, it would not have been much better without taxi services from Mysore to Ooty since there were many places to visit here. 

Later, we had more than an hour and fifteen minutes journey to Dolphin’s nose with the opportunity to see lush green tea estates on the way. It is the place to observe the picturesque view of the hills, and the famous attraction here is a breathtaking view of Catherine Falls. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains, which is 1550m from above sea level, and catch sight of a 180-degree scenic view. An excellent place to get out from daily chaos in your life, get calmness in your mind with picturesque scenes.

7. Lamb’s Rock

On the way back from Dolphin’s nose, our final destination for the day was Lamb’s rock, near Coonoor. Our cab driver’s plan was worth it as he took all the places at the right time. That’s the benefit of booking a Mysore to Ooty cab sightseeing package. Lamb’s rock is a good place for witnessing sunrise and sunset. Well, it is also a place where you can enjoy a cool breeze and lush greens. It seems so romantic when you visit this place with your loved ones, especially during the evening, feeling the cool breeze and the sun setting altogether. If you visit Ooty, it is hard to miss this place, and it has been a romantic gem for couples.  

After all, we had been back to the room for our final day traveling.


After a tiring day of traveling to five destinations, we woke up a little late at 8 am. Fortunately, we had complimentary breakfast for the goodbye wishes from the hotel management. From my four days of experience, a great driver knows how to schedule the places and the ideal time to visit. Without booking Mysore to Ooty tour packages, it would not have been much better.

Our first stop was at Sim’s Park in Coonoor, which is a popular destination for exploring 1000s of species of vibrant flowers. It is a pretty much well-maintained botanical garden in Ooty with an excellent destination for peace seekers to get away for some time from metro life. Besides, it has a diverse array of trees introduced from different areas of the globe. The Park highlights Rudraksha trees, ornamental trees, and much more. One of the best places to take a photoshoot with an awe-inspired background. The place has a paddling boat facility for couples and families, which we enjoyed it. “A perfect destination for the children to enjoy!” Moreover, Ooty is the right destination to book honeymoon packages from Mysore.

8. Rose Garden

After time spent in Sim’s Park, we got back into the car and reached another destination Rose Garden, which is nearer to Sim’s Park. We initially had little confusion among ourselves after getting down out of the car whether we must be strolling into another park or not. After some research over the phone, we got to know that Rose Garden has won the Garden of Excellence Award for South Asia – from the World Federation of Rose societies that belong to the elite club of thirty-five rose gardens of the world.

Each and every garden in Ooty has its diversity in its own way. Hence, I suggest you never miss the picturesque of each of them.

Rose Garden has more than twenty thousand assortments of rose that is one of the most beautiful gardens in the country.  I felt Mysore to Ooty cab sightseeing package was worth it, and you must book if you want to explore different places within limited days.

Post lunch at 2 pm, we traveled half an hour across to Wenlock Downs 9th-mile shooting point. Though it was sunny when we got out of the cab, it was a beautiful place, which is loved for its sheer burst of greeneries all around. It’s the shooting point where many of the films were shot. It has a picturesque view of the mighty Nilgiris. One of the best places to happily end your journey is Ooty, with some photoshoots.

9. Ooty Toy Train

Since we booked a cab facility, we missed the Toy Train journey. However, we had managed to visit Uhagamandalam (Ooty) railway station to have a look at the toy train in which my daughters were curious to see the train. Fortunately, after waiting for some time, we managed to see a toy train arriving at the station from Coimbatore. All thanks to the Almighty that made my daughters joyful. This is the advantage of booking taxi services from Mysore to Ooty as you can travel anywhere you want, and the driver is flexible with it.

Wrapping up

Mysuru to Ooty is one the best route in South India to explore the wild, hills, and picturesque view of greeneries. The best place for kids, married couples, and the place for enjoyment and to get away from the chaos of metro cities. Book cabs with Mysore Travel Taxi today as they offer the best tour travel packages across the corners of Mysore city and taxi services such as taxi from Mysore to Bangalore Airport, one-way taxi from Bangalore Airport to Mysore, Mysore to Ooty cab package with the best market prices, and modest expert drivers who can afford to speak in your language, mainly English, Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada.

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