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Must Visit Places To Explore On Your Journey From Mysore To Chikmagalur


Traveling can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Planning and preparing in advance, staying on top of your expectations, and being prepared for the unexpected will yield a safe and successful trip. Therefore, you must opt for the best Chikmagalur holiday packages so that you don’t miss out on exploring the beauty of the place.


While Chikmagalur enjoys a mild and pleasant atmosphere all year round, the ideal months to visit are from September to May. The winter months here are December through February. Due to the comfortable temperature range of 14 °C to 32 °C, this season is great.


Roads connect Chikmagalur to various regions of the state. The village is connected to Mangalore, an Indian port city, via National Highway 173, which runs through it and is 150 kilometres (93 miles) away. Shimoga and Mysore are connected by State Highway 57 (Karnataka) via Hassan and Kadur, respectively. Between Chikmagalur and Kadur Junction is a railroad line. Mangalore International Airport is the closest major airport. You can also opt for the Mysore to Chikmagalur taxi to reach the destination. It takes about 4 hours to reach Chikmagalur from Mysore by taxi.


Chikmagalur is located in the Deccan plateau at the foothills of the Western Ghats in the Malenadu region of Karnataka. It is located 1,090 metres (3,580 feet) above the mean sea level. The Yagachi River originates close to the town and runs south-east before joining the Hemavati River. The climate of Chikmagalur is typically cool to mild. The city’s temperature ranges from 11 to 20 °C in the winter to 25 to 32 °C in the summer. The Mysore to Chikmagalur distance is about 173kms. Book Mysore to Chikmagalur Cabs and see some beautiful places enroute to Chikmagalur.


Chikmagalur city has an overall population of 118,401 as per the 2011 Indian Census, of which 58,702 men and 59,699 women. There were 11,633 people in the 0 to 6 year old age range. 96,359 people in Chikmagalur were literate overall, making up 81.4 percent of the population. Male literacy was 83.7 percent and female literacy was 79.1 percent. The early literacy rate of Chikmagalur for those aged 7 and over was 90.3 percent, with males having a rate of 93.1 percent and females having an 87.5 percent. There were 16,423 Scheduled Castes and 1,734 Scheduled Tribes, respectively. 2011 counted 28545 dwellings in Chikmagalur. Here are the places to explore when you choose the right Chikmagalur Local sightseeing packages:


The Baba Budan Range of the Western Ghats of India is located to the north of the Karnataka district of Chikmagalur. A peak in the Baba Budan Range called Baba Budangiri is well-known for housing a shrine to the Sufi Saint Hazrat Dada Hayat Khalandar (also known as Baba Budan). Travelers frequently throng to this well-known Muslim and Hindu pilgrimage location. Because the temple in this well-known mountain range is thought to be connected to the Hindu god Guru Dattatreya, it is also known as the DattagiriHill Range.

With an elevation that falls in between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris, this mountain proudly displays a few of the highest mountain summits.

Along with climbing and trekking, the Baba Budangiri Hills are renowned for their distinctive forest variety. Between Mullayanagari and Baba Budangiri, there is a fantastic hiking trail. Additionally, anybody looking for adventure can climb through the jungle to the ancient Deviramma Betta shrine. The majestic mountain ranges may be seen in beautiful detail from SitalayannaGiri. If you opt for Mysore to Chikmagalur sanitised cabs, it takes you through the beautiful hiking routes from Attigudi Junction to Baba Budangiri. It is six kilometres away, and from Budangiri to Gaalikere, which is four kilometres away. Budangiri to Manikyadhara Falls is seven kilometres away.

Baba Budangiri Range was also known as Chandra Drona Parvatha in the past. The tallest peaks in the state of Karnataka are Mullayanagiri, which rises to a height of 1930 metres (6317 feet), and Dattagiri/Baba Budangiri, which rises to a height of 1895 metres. These peaks are collectively known as ChandradronaParvathaShreni because of their crescent-shaped natural formation. The tallest mountain in the Baba Budangiri Range is Mullayanagiri (also known as Mullayangiri or Mullainagiri). Every 12 years, a rare kind of flower called Kurinji blooms in these hills, drawing tourists from all around the world to see them.


Mullayanagiri mountain, which is 1930 metres above sea level and about 45 minutes from Chikmagalur, is situated in the Baba BudanGiri Range of the Western Ghats.  With temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, it provides visitors with a tranquil retreat as the highest point between both the Nilgiris as well as the Himalayas.  Due to its ideal trekking tracks, Mullayanagiri is widely recognised as a centre for adventure seekers, particularly hikers.


This 4-kilometre journey begins at Sarpadhari, which is the beginning of a difficult trail. The One Day Chikmagalur Sightseeing Tour will also help you in exploring the town that is closest to Mullayanagiri Peak is Chikmagalur.

On a clear day, the Western Ghats can be seen from the peak in all of their splendour when you travel from Mysore to Chikmagalur.


The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, which spans over 490 square kilometres and is located 38 kilometres west of the town ofChikmagalur in Karnataka, is dispersed well over districts of Shimoga as well as Chikmagalur. The sight of said Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is framed by Western Ghats hills on all sides, and it appears to be a scene from a movie! This is included the Mysore – Chikmagalur travel package that you choose.

4. Hebbe Falls

The water keeps splashing from the falls all year round and bathing here can be as refreshing as anything. This is one of the undiscovered territories as one will not find much crowd here and is open from 6 am to 6 pm.

5. Kallathigiri Falls

if you are someone who loves to be among the crowd then Kallathigiri Falls is the place for you. This is a decorated waterfall in the district and water comes from a ledge that is overhanging on the stones. One can feel like having shower underneath them. One doesn’t have to worry about the water as the clean water from Sharavathi river flows in this falls.

6. Coffee Museum Chikmagalur

With an entry fees of just Rupee 20, you can visit one of the most unique museum and that is Coffee Museum Chikmagalur. Chikmagalur is known as ‘The Land of Coffee’ and two of the most famous types of coffees Robusta and Arabica is grown there.

7. Tree Plantation Walk in Chikamagalur

If you are a fan of lush greenery and tree plantation this place is going to give you solace. If there’s anything that is compulsory in bucket list than that is coffee plantation walk in the resort. Walking inside the beautiful estate was the best part of our journey.

8. Jhari Waterfalls
Important Information Before Visiting Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

Doddahadlu and Chandanahadlu are home to 20 leopards and 30 tigers due to the area being a Tiger Reserve. The Bhadra Reservoir offers boat safaris. Nearby, you can find a drinking hole where you can witness a lot of wildlife at Talbidrekere when you opt for the Chikmagalur Weekend Package. Excellent sightings are also provided by Melgiri and Kesarhalla. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is where you can explore its uniqueness and beauty.


Kudremukh National Park, which is surrounded by mountains, is well known for its breathtaking views. The 600-kilometre square region was given national park status in 1987 and is one of the state’s best-preserved national parks. There is much to discover at the Kudremukh National Park, from high rising peaks covered in an abundance of plants and animals to beautiful trekking routes overlooking lush grasslands. The second-largest wildlife protected area in the Western Ghats region is a tropical moist evergreen forest.

The local tongue is where the region gets its name. The tallest peak point in the park is known as Kudremukh, which means “horse-face” because it looks like a horse’s face from one particular angle. It is the second-highest peak in Karnataka, reaching a height of 1,894 metres (6,214 ft). Numerous indigenous and threatened plant and animal species may be found there, and the main predators of the area are mammals like tigers, leopards, and wild dogs. Conservationists successfully fought back against the damaging mining impact on the environment in this town that was primarily created as a significant iron-ore mining centre. A haven for nature and wildlife lovers, Kudremukh and its surrounding area serve up the best of the Western Ghats in spectacular detail.


These are some of the greatest locations in Chikmagalur that we were able to visit. You’ll find lots of excitement, adventure, harmony, and, most importantly, unadulterated delight in these areas! You should start getting ready for these travels right now. It was a stunning and dramatic adventure in the end. You couldn’t have travelled to as many places without a vehicle. Therefore, plan your vacation in advance to guarantee that you do not miss out on these must-visit locations. I hope the information above was helpful in understanding the Chikmagalur Trip.

1. Why is Chikmagalur so famous?

Chikmagalur is renowned for its tranquil surroundings, verdant woods, and high mountains. It is is very well known for its coffee & usually referred to as the coffee land of Karnataka

2. Which season is ideal for visiting Chikmagalur?

While Chikmagalur enjoys a cool and pleasant atmosphere all year round, the best months to visit are from September to May. The winter months here are December through February. Due to the comfortable temperature range of 14 °C to 32 °C, this season is great. You can opt for Chikmagalur tour packages from Mysore during these seasons and take a step closer to explore the natural beauty.

3. Are two days sufficient for Chikmagalur?

Chikmagalur trip for 2 days is sufficient short tour like for weekends, but if you’re ready to experience real Chikmagalur we suggest you for at least 5 day trip to Chikmagalur

4. Which would be better for a beginner, Coorg or Chikamagalur?

As there is just so much to see, especially for bikers, We suggest both Coorg & Chikamagalur. They’re both beautiful & thrilling experience to enjoy & cherish. We also have Coorg Tour Packages where we cover interesting places in Coorg blog


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