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If you love the hills and hate the monotonous lifestyle, then Wayanad can be the most beautiful and needed getaway for you. The serenity of the place will enchant and bedazzle you completely. How do I know this? From my own recent experience. My delightful trip with my husband started from Delhi and included three beautiful destinations from South India namely Bangalore, Mysore, and Wayanad. Life is uncertain already and with the arrival of Coronavirus, it became risky even to breathe. And now, as the situations are getting better, it is the best time to step out of the home and live your best life like we did. We are listing out the does and don’ts that we applied in our trip and made it bang on and you can follow the same steps of our journey to ensure that your trip is fun filled and effortlessly comforting. Bengaluru is very warm to the ones entering it. We were referred by a friend to take Mysore Bangalore Airport Taxi services offered by Mysore Travel Taxi. As soon as our flight was landed, we booked the cab and it reached us shortly. We took some rest and spent the night was spent strolling in the MG Road Market. The next day we took the Bangalore To Mysore Cab from Mysore Travel Taxi and enjoyed the sights that we saw within our 3 hour long trip. The lush green forests and the breeze are all one needs to break the monotony of the 9 to 5 corporate cycle of life and we are glad we did that. Mysore welcomed us with great spirits and picturesque beauty, which fills a lot of space in my heart and instagram currently. The One day trip from Mysore or better said in Mysore was enchanting and unforgettable.The best Cab Services in Mysore took us to every place we wanted to and our last moment changes in plans were accepted as commands politely. People usually go for One day trip from Mysore. The night called for rest and overgrown joy for the next day when our Tour packages from Mysore will be ended and we will be headed out to Wayanad tour packages from Mysore. I had heard a lot about the beauty of the place but had no idea that it would exceed all my expectations. Mysore to Wayanad taxi service can cost the tourists a huge deal if they are not careful enough. However, our past experience with the drivers during the One Way Taxi From Bangalore Airport to Mysore has been more than satisfactory. We yet again made our booking with them and started to travel from Mysore to Wayanad. With this, we were leaving Karnataka and entering Kerala. As a north-Indian couple, Kerala was equally new for both of us and the trip was truly experimental. Kerala is usually referred to as God’s own Country and recognised as the cleanest state of India. Having heard a bunch of amazing things about Kerala, it was getting hard for us to keep waiting. The cabs from mysore to wayanad take nearly about three hours without any stoppage. During the whole cab ride, we rarely looked at our phone screens and for our generation, it is a dealbreaker. The soothing climate and the hills and mountains transported us somewhere else. Even before starting our trip inside Wayanad, we realised why Kerala has been declared as Paradise of the World by National Geographic. As we stopped in front of our hotel, we took a long deep breath that is harmful even in the polluted cities from where we come from. Serenity and Tranquility of the place made us jealous of the locals residing there and experiencing this beauty throughout the year. After hours of rest and munching lunch at the terrace of the hotel, we decided to kick away our pajamas and go for a stroll nearby. We rented two cycles and travelled a little distance with it, enjoying nature and taking a break just like two joyful kids living in adult bodies. Wayanad is known for its organic spices and honey, so, in our journey backwards to the hotel, I got us some of those. The Wayanad mysore tour package had to begin in the early morning and hence, we took a quick nap so that we could wake up early and start wandering the streets and tourist places of Wayanad. The destination that we were looking to reach was Wayanad from the very start, so its description will be a little longer and a little more detailed, but it is worth a read. Wayanad is a paradise in the paradise(Kerala) and thus, regarded as the greed paradise as well. One of the most amazing benefits of booking mysore wayanad tour packages from Mysore Travel Taxi is that they are never late and never crib about anything. The day started from the hotel room and ended there, but what we experienced in between was so fascinating that we cannot possibly forget it for decades to come. Basically, these were the locations that we covered during our journey.
1. Meenmutty Waterfalls

The waterfalls might be quite short in terms of height, but the serenity and the view it offers is too wide to fit inside the frames of your cameras. The sound of running water and the smell of nature can set anyone’s mood and we were lucky to experience such a delight of vision. We spent hours jumping from one rock to another (with proper cautions). The day was started with vim and vigor and the memory is captured in our hearts forever. Located near the Ponmuddi Hill Station, the place serves as a cute and comfortable get-away spot for people.

2. Tholpetty Wildlife

Being wanderers for life, there was no way that we would leave out experiencing the beauty of wildlife. One shall go for the jeep ride to look at the floras and faunas in their natural habitat. This experience is really important for people to realise that no matter how much we develop, we are a part of nature, and experiencing its authenticity so closely takes us back to our original roots and is soothing for the mind and body. Elephants, leopards, and innumerous other animals were wandering at a short distance from us. It made our hearts beat louder and faster, for sure. Coming from a corporate lifestyle, this experience was as bright as a daisy.

3. Pookode Lake

My husband and I are water babies and love to be around water and when we heard about Pookode Lake, there was nothing that could have stopped us from reaching there. It is so grand and beautiful that one might want to spend the whole day in a boat in the midst of the lake. Nature lovers swear by this place and only after having a boat ride in the place, we got to know why it is such a big deal for the people. Blue below(water) and blue above(sky) were enough to melt our hearts away and I am very sure that we had a little piece of our heart dropped inside the lake that no one can take back.

4. Edakkal Cave

The tallest mountain in the district, Ambukuthi mala, is located in Edakkal. If you are not afraid of heights, you shall definitely go there and reach Edakkal caves. There are historical imprints on the wall that take you centuries back, even for a few minutes. We learned from the locals that in the year 2007, historians from Indian and abroad tried to have UNESCO declare the sites as a World Heritage Centre. If you ever thought of going to the stone age where our ancestors lived, this is the place that can make you mentally transport to that era. The paintings are captivating and the trekking part to reach the caves adds more excitement to the whole trip.

5. Kurisumala Peak

Alert – It will consume approximately half a day. Hiking is a special adventure sport and for the wanderers like us, there could be nothing better. If you are anything like us and want to get inside the skin of the place and experience what it feels like to be close to nature, spare a whole day for hiking at Kurisumala Peak. Not only will it be amazing for your mind and heart, but after reaching the top, the clicks will make your Instagram feed a lot more aesthetic. You might be tired of all the trekking, but in the end, the view is worth it all. As they say, life is counted in experiences and memories, not days, we had our life in front of us, creating the best memories and experiences that we are delighted to share and will keep on sharing.

6. Kalladi Forest

Kalladi is a tiny village in Wayanad that you can reach by mysore to Wayanad cab that can be booked for taking you to a trip. The misty fog on the top of the hills like two lovers are kissing one another. Nature shows its beauty in numerous ways and this is one of the most unique ones that we have witnessed till now. A nature walk for minutes or hours can offer you calm that you will feel has been missing from inside you for a very long time. While having a walk in the forest, we actually forgot what time of day it was. Something so beautiful was happening to us that we could not care any less about the world outside this majestic place.

7. Thirunelli Temple

In a very short distance from Wayanad is the Thirunelli Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu on Brahmagiri Hills. It is said that it was originally built by Lord Brahma.  The locals described that it is the only hindu temple where one can perform every ritual starting from birth, death, and even life after death. We paid our tributes to the temple and prayed for things, and this time they were not material. People told us that experiencing sunrise from the temple is an enthralling sight to behold. One can see a huge number of visitors coming from different parts of the world even on weekdays. If you are religious and visiting the temple, do not forget to pay your tribute to the holy rock for your forefathers.

8. Banasura Sagar Dam

We can proudly say that India’s largest and Asia’s second-largest dam is in Wayanad and we got to explore it during our trip. It was beautiful and dreamy and captured our attention for hours. A lazy boat ride and trekking at the location can add a sense of excitement and wilderness to the tourists. As much as we loved looking at it, we loved taking the boat in it too. The spots of Wayanad did not stop to astonish us throughout our trip and it was one such place that took our breath away for a while.

9. Tree House Stay

People like us who have been addicted to living inside the fully air-conditioned spaces cannot probably wonder how it will be like to live inside a Tree House. We are happy that we got to take away the memory of staying inside a beautiful Tree House. The views from the tree house were mesmerizing and even thinking about the experience we had makes us giggle and smile. If you are in Wayanad, this is one thing you cannot afford to miss.

Our trip came to an end and with a heavy heart that wanted to stay, we packed our bags. We took the cab back from Wayanad to Mysore, and from there, another

One Way Taxi From Mysore To Bangalore Airport. We had our tickets already booked from Bangalore to Delhi, the place of our birth and work, but as it is said for Lord Krishna, that he had two mothers – Yashoda and Devki. Similarly, we had another home now, miles away from Delhi, somewhere in the laps of nature in Kerala.


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